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dr Ewa Dąbrowska

MD Ewa Dabrowska - a long standing employee of the Medical University of Gdansk, where she worked until 1999 as a lecturer in the Department of Internal Medicine. She conducted research in immunology in 1978, and gained a doctorate in medical science.

In 1992, she wrote a paper "The importance of immunological disorders in late cutaneous porphyria”, which was to serve as the basis for a habilitation dissertation. The dissertation hasn’t been written, because the conclusions of this paper turned her attention to the priority of the, so far unappreciated, role of nutrition in the treatment of the diseases of civilization. She decided to develop, prove and practice her theory.

The result of this research was to develop an innovative vegetable- fruit diet, which not only has detoxifying qualities but also and supports one’s own self-healing mechanisms. She was inspired by the publications of Assoc. Dr. Kinga Wisniewska - Roszkowski on medically supervised fasting. Encouraged by the results of applying the diet, she decided to promulgate this method. Consequently, in 1994, in the guesthouse "U Zbója" in Golub in Kaszuby, the first Health Holiday Centre with vegetable - fruit diet was created. On her initiative, in 1995, the Re-Vita Association was established, which is a member of the European Association of Classical Natural Medicine. In 1996, the second health holiday centre - WALDTOUR-REVIT Kashubian Centre for Health Promotion Sp. z o. o. was created. And in 2000, the vegetables and fruit diet was introduced at the Health and Rehabilitation Centre, "Sofra" in Mielno - Unieście.

Ewa Dabrowska is the author of 50 scientific papers and over 100 scientific reports. She is married and has two sons. Her husband a well-known traveler Wojciech Dabrowski, an electronics engineer by profession, is the author of a book "On 7 Continents. A Traveler’s Notebook." , published in 2008. (Http://www.kontynenty.net/)