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Discover the phenomenon of vegetable and fruit diet

The phenomenon of fasting

Discover the phenomenon of vegetable and fruit fasting in the diet of Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska®

When, more than thirty years ago, I used a fast overweight patient who was seriously ill with heart disease, which consisted of eating only grated carrots (link to salad) and drinking water, I had a real glare; the patient began to slim down and at the same time recover, and the improvement concerned not only heart disease, but also other ailments. Interestingly, he did not feel hungry, and as the symptoms disappeared, other parameters of additional tests returned to normal.
Over time, I enriched fasting with more vegetables and fruits that brought good healing effects to patients undertaking this treatment. This is how the original version of the vegetable and fruit diet was created, the effects of which were amazing.
I was facing an unknown: I saw the effect of this fasting treatment, but I did not know the mechanism that caused such spectacular health changes in such a short time. The question bothering me was, what was the phenomenon of this phenomenon?
Later experience gained on the basis of observations of many patients using systematic posts, as well as based on the literature available at that time, allowed me to be convinced that indeed these phenomenal abilities of the body are associated with the processes of autophagy, which fast activates and significantly accelerates.
In the process of internal nutrition (autophagy), the degenerated elements of cells are replaced with glucose, which is necessary for the functioning of the brain and heart, which delivery during the fast is negligible. At the same time, these diseased and damaged structures are recovered in the recycling process and are used to rebuild new and healthy cells, as demonstrated in their research on autophagy, Nobel Prize winner (2016) Japanese prof. Yoshinori Ohsumi.
The therapeutic value of fasting is also associated with the activation of intracellular sirtuins - recently discovered proteins responsible for longevity. They have the ability to repair genetic DNA. Thanks to this process, there may be an increase in ATP energy, mitochondrial shrine, tissue regeneration, scarring, wrinkles, degeneration, shrinking of tumors, along with the restoration of biochemical results to normal, because the norm is stored in the genes.
Polyphenols, i.e. bioactive compounds in which fruits and vegetables abound, also have the ability to activate sirtuins. This further enhances their beneficial effects.
Low caloric fasting is associated with fat reduction, especially dangerous visceral fat, which in the case of obesity produces hormones responsible for the formation of metabolic syndrome. Thanks to such fasting, it becomes possible to reverse a number of chronic civilization diseases, such as type II diabetes, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, thrombosis, and lipid disorders.
There are also diseases in which we do not have experience with the use of fasting, but it is always worth trying, eating only vegetables and fruits is not harmful, [see publications: Ewa Dąbrowska et al. Assessment of basic biochemical parameters of blood and urine serum and serum lipids in obese patients with metabolic syndrome X, treated with a very low energy diet for 6 weeks. Bromat. Chem. Toksykol. 1997,30 (4), 353-355], so if there are no contraindications to the diet, why not try this method?

What is the proposed
vegetables-fruit diet?

Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska® diet is not only the stage of vegetable and fruit fasting, with which it is most associated. The concept of nutrition according to the diet of Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska® consists of several stages, which entail a permanent change in lifestyle. Thanks to them, we can obtain long-term beneficial results both in the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska® diet is not only the stage of vegetable and fruit fasting, with which it is most associated. The concept of nutrition according to the diet of Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska® consists of several stages, which entail a permanent change in lifestyle. Thanks to them, we can obtain long-term beneficial results both in the prevention and treatment of various diseases.
Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska® diet consists of several stages:

 1. Przygotowanie do postu przez eliminację np. kawy, mięsa, czy też nietolerancji pokarmowych;
2. Vegetable-fruit fasting (also called vegetable-fruit diet) combined with physical activity to cleanse the body and restore health balance (homeostasis) and psychological and spiritual harmony;
3. The transition from fasting to a full-fledged diet (so-called exit from fasting);
4. Wholesome nutrition, physical activity and the habit of practicing periodic fasts permanently.
Vegetable and fruit fasting is not a slimming diet, it is primarily a cleansing and normalizing treatment. Weight loss is associated with burning mainly fat, not muscle, because this property has post - activating the same processes as the ketogenic diet (reduction of carbohydrates). To consolidate favorable results, it is worth introducing a healthy lifestyle change permanently.
It is worth noting that also underweight people can, after cleansing fasting, also restore their body weight to normal during nutritious nutrition.
This diet is based on natural plant products that contain thousands of bioactive substances, including: enzymes, polyphenols, microelements, vitamins and other medicinal properties, triggering detoxification processes, eliminating toxic free radicals, preferably alkalizing. These processes naturally support a return to health balance. A similar type of fasting is described in the Scriptures in the book of Daniel (Dn 1:12-15), hence the fruit and vegetable fast is often identified with the biblical fast of Daniel.

Rules of treatment with a vegetable and fruit diet

For a period of several days to several weeks, depending on the indications, it is recommended to conduct fasting based on low-starchy vegetables: root (carrot, beetroot, celery, parsley, radish), brassica (various types of cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, sprouts), onion (onion, leek, garlic), gourds (squash, squash, cucumbers), nightshade (tomato, pepper), deciduous (various types of lettuce, parsley, herbs). At the same time, you can consume small amounts of low-sugar fruits, such as apples, grapefruits, lemons and berries. Green juices that come from green shoots of plants are particularly valuable. They are a richer source of bioactive ingredients than the roots, they contain chlorophyll, whose structure is chemically similar to hemoglobin. They have active enzymes that cleanse, detoxify, renew blood, facilitate digestion, alkalize, provide oxygen, energy, vitamins and minerals in the best absorbable form. Examples of green shoots for juices: parsley, celery, beetroot, dandelion, nettle, sorrel, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, kale, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, wheat grass.
Vegetables and fruits are recommended to eat mainly raw, in the form of salads, cocktails and vegetable soups seasoned with herbs, stewed and baked vegetables.
Drinks include water, vegetable and fruit juices, fruit or herbal teas, sugar-free compotes, vegetable decoctions. During the treatment, do not eat any other food, for example, bread, groats, oil, etc. Do not drink coffee, strong tea, alcohol or smoke.

Sample daily menu

(during the post it is worth to support publications with ready recipes or an application with a ready menu and shopping list)

We start the day by drinking 1 cup water with lemon or acidified with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar.


tomato juice;

beet sourdough;

salad 1. grated carrot with apple and lemon;

salad 2: from sauerkraut with the addition of chives;

cooked vegetables: broccoli with dill.


green kale and apple juice;

salad 1: fresh cabbage with the addition of carrot and dill;

salad 2: tomato with onion, seasoned with apple cider vinegar and basil;

cauliflower cream soup with vegetables;

apple compote with spices (cloves, cinnamon).


multi-vegetable juice;

vegetable salad 1: from celery and white radish with broccoli sprouts;

salad 2: grated apple with the addition of strawberry;

cooked vegetables: vegetarian zucchini with tomatoes, onions and peppers;

the Mint tea

ruit, ½ grapefruit

Diet versions

The most valuable are vegetables and fruits in raw form, because they have active enzymes and biocatalysts, among them thousands of antioxidants, including polyphenols, lycopene, vitamin C and E, beta carotene, chlorophyll, microelements and fiber, which is why the version proved to be highly therapeutically effective only a raw diet, but also no less effective and the most commonly used classic version of the diet, which contains vegetables and fruits (mostly raw), with the addition of cooked in the proportion of e.g. 3/4 raw plants and 1/4 cooked.
There are cases when the fruit and vegetable diet is poorly tolerated. In the case of abdominal pain, persistent flatulence or aversion to diet, its juice version (vegetable and fruit juices, water, fruit and herbal teas, vegetable decoctions) or the cooked version (boiled vegetables, vegetable soups, cooked apples) are recommended for several days. , especially at the beginning of the treatment. However, longer periods of using cooked versions do not give any beneficial effects.
There are also elimination versions of the vegetable and fruit diet, which exclude certain foods, especially salt and pickled cucumbers in patients with hypertension, as well as with edema, because salt retains water, increases blood pressure and increases edema, or a diet version excluding cooked vegetables and fruit: e.g. carrot, pumpkin, beetroot, apple mousse and carrot juice, mainly in patients with diabetes and obesity, because cooked vegetables have higher glycemic indexes than raw ones and therefore can increase blood sugar levels.
The diet version eliminating food intolerances, i.e. protein intolerance against which IgG antibodies are formed. Such foods can be detected by a test, e.g. Food Detective. Practice has shown that thanks to such personalization of the diet, its therapeutic effectiveness is very high, especially in diseases with self-aggression. At authorized centers such tests can be performed along with interpretation of results. Some of the centers also offer the exclusion of intolerant products (individual diets) as part of your stay.

Support in cleansing the body during a diet

Modern lifestyle is not good for health, as evidenced by the alarming number of sick people and premature deaths. Toxins and micronutrient deficiencies are considered to be the main cause of the diseases of modern civilization. Vegetable and fruit fasting can help, because it is a therapy that cleanses the body of toxins (detoxification); at the same time replenishes micronutrient deficiencies. To improve the cleansing processes, it is worth supporting such treatment by increasing motor activity, because movement activates the same mechanisms in the body as fasting; it also promotes the elimination of toxins, weight reduction, blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, etc. Particularly valuable were outdoor walks, e.g. Nordic Walking marches, gymnastics, swimming, or moderate gym exercises. Natural cleansing therapies, such as enemas, hydrocolonotherapy, sauna, as well as massages and physical therapy treatments can also be helpful.

Where to start?

The decision to fast is often dictated by the desire to achieve quick results in the form of weight loss, the need to solve health problems. Cleansing the body and improving overall health also play an important role.

Many people, deciding to start the adventure with the diet of Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska, often ask themselves the question: where to start?

It would be worth first to familiarize yourself with the essence of fasting and the general principles of conducting this type of treatment. You can find information on this topic in our publications . You can also view the current online lecture available on this page.

It should be considered whether we will carry out fasting alone, at home or in a group, e.g. in one of the centers. At for the first time it is worth considering conducting a group treatment under the watchful eye of experienced staff, e.g. in one of the certified centers , where in addition to properly prepared meals, there is an emphasis on the necessary physical activity and effective filling of free time.

If you decide on an independent post, we would like to inform you that, in order to meet your expectations, we have created an application helpful in carrying out the post itself, as well as the subsequent stages. Application is a tool that provides a ready-made menu and shopping list, prepared under the watchful eye of dietitian specialists, which you can individually adapt to your needs. You set the goal you want to achieve and set the duration of the treatment yourself. We know from experience that when undertaking such a challenge, we need the support of other fasting people, so we suggest joining the community on Facebook , where you can exchange experiences.

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