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People encountering the issue of Vegetable and fruit fasts for the first time often ask this question. The first assumption we need to "encode" is that Post is a type of renunciation and involves the abandonment of some previous habits. For some of you this may be a kind of shock. To meet our expectations, the Institute has started cooperation with centers and catering services where such treatment can be carried out under the guidance of experienced staff. We place great emphasis on the correctness of the composition of the meals served, as well as the organization of classes and lectures presenting the idea of ​​this method. Staying under the care of experienced staff, you have the guarantee of fasting in accordance with its rules. Many people, convinced of this form of rest, introduce stays with the diet of Dr. Dąbrowska as a permanent item on their calendar. Based on such a ready solution, we can forget about the whole organization and devote ourselves to rest, reset stress and go home in great shape. We cordially invite you to take advantage of this form of rest.
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Beet sourdough

Jeden z podstawowych produktów w koncepcji żywienia dr Ewy Dąbrowskiej, prosty i wspaniały sposób na...

Sok z marchewki

Marchew dokładnie umyj i wyciśnij sok w wyciskarce do świeżo wyciśniętego soku dodaj kilka kropel...

Hotel Łężeczki s.c.

Do Łężeczek po wypoczynek, relaks i zdrowie! Do tego hotelu warto przyjechać z wielu powodów....

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Wyleczenie SM

Dr. Dąbrowska's diet has a broader meaning than limiting it to a few vegetables in various forms ...

Hotel Alhambra

Alhambra **** w uzdrowisku Lądek-Zdrój to jedyny hotel w standardzie 4* w sieci certyfikowanych ośrodków dr Ewy Dąbrowskiej. Alhambra, od początku...

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Establishment of Dr. Ewa's Institute for Health Promotion in 2018 Dąbrowska, as a training and research institution, there was the culmination of the author's dreams of vegetable and fruit diet.

Years of experience gained with the vegetable and fruit diet, which in essence is a type of fasting, they can now come out into the world and serve many people to regain health.