Vegetable-fruit diet

In cases of sudden and serious illness or life-threatening conditions pharmacological treatment is often the only salvation, but if it fails and the disease continues, I encourage you to use vegetable- fruit diet, as a novel method of prevention and treatment.

Contemporary civilization is associated with enormous changes in almost all areas of life, including in the field of human nutrition. Natural Foods lost their biological value being replaced by processed food; refining deprived food of precious fiber, several vitamins and micronutrients, while subjecting foods to high temperatures led to the destruction of enzymes and changes in the spatial structure of proteins. The consequence of food processing was the emergence, on the unprecedented scale, of a number of chronic “civilization” diseases of a degenerative character, such as -inflammation of atherosclerosis, and cancer. And yet 100 years ago, when food was natural, the main cause of death was infectious diseases such as influenza and tuberculosis, and not – as it is today – heart attacks and cancer.

It is known that a man as a biological creature has remained unchanged over the centuries; the cells still have the same needs in terms of nutrients, as thousands of years ago. If a departure from nature was the cause of civilization diseases, then natural foods based on vegetables and fruits could be an example of causal treatment of these diseases.

So what is the proposed vegetable- fruit diet?

The diet, which essentially is a fasting treatment, is used as an interim treatment, provides enzymes, microelements, and vitamins, positively alkalizes and detoxifies, enhances their own self-healing mechanisms to restore balance changes, which means health. After this treatment it is advisable to include a permanent, natural food based on vegetables, fruit, grains, and pulses with the addition of animal products. My own experience confirms the truth of the statement that food can be an effective method of prevention and treatment of civilization diseases.

Principles of vegetable - fruit diet treatment

The composition of the diet: for a period of several days to several weeks, depending on the indications, we recommend a diet based on low-starch vegetables, such as: root (carrots, beets, celery, parsley, and radish), brassica (cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli), bulb (onion, leek, and garlic), squash (pumpkin, squash, and cucumbers), nightshades (tomatoes, peppers), leaf (lettuce, parsley, herbs). At the same time you can eat low-sugar fruits, such as apples, grapefruits, lemons and small quantities of berries. Particularly valuable are green juices, which are derived from green shoots of plants. They are a richer source of bioactive components than the roots, have chlorophyll, which in the chemical structure is similar to hemoglobin; they have active enzymes that cleanse, detoxify, and regenerate blood, facilitate digestion,  alkalize, supply oxygen, energy, vitamins and minerals in the best assimilable form.

Examples of green shoots in the juices: parsley, celery, beet leaves, dandelion, nettle, sorrel, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, wheat grass.

Vegetables and fruit can be eaten raw, in the form of salads, vegetable soups flavored with herbs, vegetables, stewed, and fried.

The recommended beverage to drink is: water, fruit and vegetable juices, fruit or herbal tea, compote without sugar, vegetable broths. During treatment, you should not eat any other foods such as bread, meal, oil, etc. Also, do not drink coffee, strong tea, alcohol, or smoke cigarettes.

Versions of the diet: The most valuable are raw fruits and vegetables, as they have active enzymes and biocatalysts, and among them about 10 thousand of antioxidants such as polyphenols, lycopene, vitamins C, E, beta carotene, and chlorophyll, micronutrients and fiber. However, the diet is not always well tolerated. If there is abdominal pain, bloating, or persistent reluctance to apply the diet, it is recommended to have the juices diet version of fruit and vegetable diet, water, fruit teas, herbal concoctions of vegetables for several days, or the cooked version (boiled vegetables, vegetable soups, cooked apples) especially in patients with gastric diseases.

There is also an elimination version of the vegetable – fruit diet, namely the exclusion of certain foods, particularly:

Pickled cucumbers and salt in patients with hypertension and also in patients with oedema, because salt retains water and increases blood pressure,

Cooked carrots, pumpkin, beets, apple mousse and carrot juice in patients with diabetes, because cooked vegetables increase blood sugar levels,

In the case of food allergy, allergenic and intolerable foods (on the basis of tests for food allergies and intolerances) should be excluded

Drugs at the time of the diet: during a vegetable- fruit diet the metabolism changes and it can easily reveal the side effects of the drugs. Reduction of body weight quickly normalizes blood pressure and sugar level, thus the dose of antihypertensive drugs, diuretics and anti-diabetic drugs must be reduced under control. Also, under the influence of the diet cholesterol metabolism normalizes, so drugs for cholesterol can be stopped. In one of the patients who, during the diet, did not stop to take Lipanthylu (anti-cholesterol drug) – which usually is safe, calf pain occurred and more than 20 – fold increase of enzymes in muscle necrosis Discontinuation of the drug and the continuation of the diet restored  normal values ​​of enzymes. In another case, the diuretic drug Verospiron caused breast development (gynecomastia), as a side effect of a patient who was on a diet.

Anticoagulants demand particular care. In such cases, coagulation tests should be more frequent and the dosage should be adjusted, as there may be a bleeding disorder in the form of bruising or bleeding. Insulin, during the diet may be dangerous because of the possibility of hypoglycemia. In such a case, honey solution should be quickly served, or sweet fruit should be eaten. In patients with obesity and type II diabetes the diet, usually manages to stop the pills for diabetes or even insulin. Hormone medication is usually not interrupted, and only after the diet treatment, the doses of hormones should be revised, depending on your hormone levels.

Warning! The drug doses should be adjusted under the supervision of a physician.

How you can help the cleansing of the body during the diet? Since the toxins are a major cause of illness, therefore they must be removed by all available means. Among the methods of support movement should be emphasized, especially walking, gymnastics, Bates eye exercises, swimming, gym, etc.

Movement triggers in the body the same mechanisms as fasting; it causes reduction in body weight, lowers pressure, sugar and cholesterol level in the blood and the danger of blood clots, etc. Enemas, hydrokolonotherapy, massage, sauna and physiotherapy are helpful, as well.

Indications for vegetable – fruit diet

The main indication for vegetable – fruit diet is the promotion of health, namely the diet should be followed by healthy people to enhance health, cleansing of toxins, increase of energy, improving sleep, rejuvenation, better psychological endurance of the body, improvement of memory, associating, calming down, more spirituality, joy, etc. Research has shown that calorie restrictive diets are an effective method of prolonging life, prevention of cancer and other diseases.

Purification of toxins restores the major “Control”, systems, namely: the immune system, nervous and hormonal systems, which is why the diet proved to be an effective treatment for patients with:

  • impaired immunity: frequent infections, bacterial, viral, fungal infections, allergies such as hay fever, asthma, food intolerances as well as migraine, myalgia, autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid gout, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hepatitis, lupus erythematosus, a “dry eye” syndrome but also skin diseases such as psoriasis, acne, cutaneous porphyria, dry skin, eczema, etc.
  • neurological disorders: epilepsy, brain infarcts, impaired memory, nervousness, agitation, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis,
  • endocrine diseases, such as menstrual disorders, climacteric, hypothyroidism, thyroid nodules, high prolactin, or an excess of estrogen, ovarian cysts.

The diet has also been an effective method in cases of infertility; for example: a woman who has been barren for 15 years after a six-week diet could get pregnant for the first time and give birth to a healthy baby; and another example of a woman who during eight years of marriage could not go to full term pregnancy- she had several miscarriages, after a few weeks of the diet could give birth to a healthy son.

X metabolic syndrome which affects people with obesity, hypertension, type II diabetes, coronary heart disease, overgrown with by-passes, thrombosis, and edema is a special indication for the diet. Type I diabetes, which demands insulin, requires hospital treatment.

The diet may be also beneficial in the case of osteoarthritis, periodontitis, cataracts, varicose veins, peptic ulcers, polyps, etc.

Contraindications to the vegetable- fruit diet

The main contraindication is the fear (difficult to overcome) of the diet, which triggers stress reactions in the body that prevent the healing mechanisms to turn on.

Another contraindication to the diet is taking drugs that hinder the immune system, such as steroids or cytotoxic drugs, including steroid or autoimmune adrenal insufficiency (Addison `s disease).

Yet another contraindication are debilitating diseases, such as marginal organ failure, advanced cancer stage, conditions associated with increased metabolism, such as hyperthyroidism, pregnancy, lactation, in young children, in girls at puberty. The diet is contraindicated in the case of transplantation of organs such as kidneys and in severe depressions.

The mechanism of the vegetable - fruit diet

The vegetable- fruit diet is composed exclusively of low-starch and low-sugar plants. In comparison with traditional nutrition it provides five times fewer calories (800 kcal / day) and also protein and carbohydrates, and fat is 20 – fold lower, and therefore it is a kind therapeutic medically supervised fasting. During such a restrictive diet the entire metabolism switches to burning, cleansing and regeneration. The urine shows a trace of acetone, since acetone and other ketone bodies are formed in the process of burning fat, and is used as fuel for the brain during fasting. The process has a powerful self-healing potential.

The basic fuel for the brain is glucose, and its provisions in the body are low, mainly as glycogen in the liver and it is only enough for one day of fasting. Because glucose is essential for the brain, that is why during the diet all deposits of protein that is damaged, degenerated or dead cells, tissue, blood clots, tumors, abscesses, scars, etc.are turned into glucose. This kind of transformation is called “internal nutrition”. Adherence to the diet results in the subsiding of the feeling of hunger. Often, the desire for sweets, meat and other drugs disappears. The reason for the absence of hunger is the shut- off of the hunger center, which is located in the cerebral medulla. When 800 kcal are exceeded, which can happen in case of enriching the diet with high-calorie foods, such as raisins or dates, the hunger center may turn on and the feeling of hunger may return. In this case, the process of internal nutrition and self-medication is interrupted.

Sometimes, it can be observed, even in early stages of the diet how quickly the body removes all protein deposits, thyroid nodules, including nodules at the joints of the toe decrease , contractures and stiffness of joints retreat and mobility improves. We observed in our patients as locked in bent-hand fingers or legs, that were supposed to be operated, straightened up after two weeks of the diet. Similarly, a long-lasting contracture in the elbow in a patient suffering for 15 years of rheumatoid retreated after three weeks of the diet.

Extremely surprising for us was when we noticed the disappearance of fibrosis (scar tissue) in the lungs after two weeks of diet, given that the scars do not disappear during the traditional treatment. These are the examples of cleansing by metabolism, i.e., substitution of protein deposits to the glucose needed for the brain.

The body is purified and also by the excretion of mucus, the symptoms may be temporary cold, mucus in the stool or urine. Sinuses are cleaned by an abundant flow of mucous – purulent secretion even with a bit of blood.

One of the major mechanisms of fasting is to unblock the blocked genes, which are located on chromosomes in the nucleus of every cell. A group of American researchers from the University of Madison, headed by prof. Richard Weindruch made a discovery that caloric restriction restores the activity of the inactive genes and enzymes, which are a” product” of genes. Restoring of activity of the genes starts the general regeneration, promotes rejuvenation, stops cancer and prolongs life. Together, with the gene unblocking goes the normalization of all biochemical research, since the norm is written in the genes. Thus, in our group of patients with coronary artery disease, the too high cholesterol level, the so called “bad” LDL reached the normal level after 6 weeks of the diet, while the “good” HDL cholesterol increased in the meantime, and also reached normal range. These are the regulations at the gene level.

At one patient, who for 27 years, suffered for the splitting finger nail we noticed the regeneration of the cartilage, only after a few weeks of the diet. This observation proves the unlocking of genes of the nail matrix that were mechanically damaged.

In another case, thanks to a six-week diet the loss of cartilage in the knee joint were restored, and the patient has avoided the knee replacement surgery. She has been healthy and fit for 11 years now.

More information about diet

At the beginning of the treatment, with the detoxification of the body, there can appear short “recuperative crises”, such as weakness, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, etc., which are the result of the release of toxins from the tissues and infiltrating into the blood. Persons who have previously applied cleansing therapies, or have a healthy lifestyle, usually do not have any crises.

In the group of 320 of our patients we observed the following crises: headache (45%), abdominal pain (43%), diarrhea (34%), arthralgia, insomnia and dizziness (20%), skin lesions (5%). The symptoms of the “recuperative crises” usually occur at the beginning of the diet, then, often  disappear spontaneously and usually require no treatment; which  is associated with the mobilization of the self-healing mechanisms. If you get headaches or other ailments can do bowel cleansing (enema), because then the body gets rid of large amounts of toxins, especially with the bile and then health improves rapidly. It is also helpful to do physical activity and drink more water. In patients with constipation enemas and hydrokolonotherapy treatments are helpful.

Patients suffering from gastric illness may experience diarrhea at the beginning of the diet, which is the result of exfoliating of the old, atrophied intestinal epithelium, and at the same time the healthy epithelium regenerates. Recovery time is only 36 hours. Since then, patients usually can eat raw vegetables and fruit without any problems.

In the case of latent foci of bacteria during the diet some inflammatory symptoms may appear: chills, fever, pain, swelling, redness, increased ESR, antibodies, inflammatory proteins, etc. These symptoms should spontaneously disappear after a few days. These are good signs; they are the evidence of the increased activity of the immunity system in recognizing and killing the bacteria.

After the crises most often a gradual improvement of wellbeing and disease regression are observed.

Natural food, not processed industrially, able to grow (germinate), is always the most valuable food. An organism in order to survive needs to continuously adapt to changing environments and food, through the exchange of matter and energy with the surrounding. Max Bircher – Benner (1867 – 1939) the Swiss physician, the pioneer of the science of natural nutrition discovered the healing properties of raw diets. His findings were ahead of the era, as they were developed before the recognition of vitamins, enzymes and micronutrients. Dr Bircher – Benner suggested that the most common cause of disease is the degeneration of natural foods, such as flour, sugar during their cooking and breaking up the so-called, total nutrients, in the process of purifying ,i.e. , refining.

At present, less the value is assigned to the calorific value of foods, but the amount sugar level in blood after a meal is much more important. A classification of food was introduced, that classifies glycemic indexes on a scale from 1 to 100. Low indexes from 10 – 30, are associated with low sugar level after consumption. These are natural foods, not processed, with fiber, which slows absorption of glucose into the blood, because the decomposition of fiber in the gut takes place thanks to lactic acid bacteria (lactobacillus).

Foods devoid of fiber, such as white flour, pizza, cakes, sweets bread, rice, potatoes, etc., have high indexes of 90

What does this mean in practice?

As a result of consumption of foods with high glycemic indexes, there is a rapid increase of sugar level in blood and insulin, which lowers the sugar level. However, continuous excess of sugar and starch in the diet may lead to the state of insulin resistance. In such cases, diabetes may develop, high sugar and insulin level holds and administration of even large doses of insulin is then ineffective. It is insulin that is responsible for the development of the metabolic syndrome X, which Gerald Reaven described in 1988. The metabolic syndrome X consists of such diseases as obesity, type II diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis (coronary heart disease), high cholesterol, blood clots and swelling.

Because the cause of the syndrome X is a high level of insulin and sugar, therefore it should be treated with a diet based on foods with low glycemic index, like fruit and vegetables, then the of resistance of tissue to insulin will decrease and  its  and sugar level will normalize.

After the vegetable- fruit diet is completed, refined foods should be eliminated and nutrition based on natural foods with low glycemic indexes, such as vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes twice a week, fish once a week poultry should be introduced. Thanks to a radical change in a diet usually, the results of the vegetable – fruit diet treatment are consolidated.

Example 1.We observed a case of insulin resistance in a thirty years old man with diabetes, who has taken insulin for several years. He had consistently high blood sugar level, which persisted in spite of increased doses of insulin to 90 units. For one year, i.e. since the time his dose of insulin was increased, he has experienced polyneuropathy in the form of severe pain legs. He screamed in pain, he felt   as if boiling water was poured over his feet. Painkillers did not provide relief; he received a referral to a surgeon to amputate his leg, he didn’t agree, and sought help and found the vegetable diet – fruit. After several weeks of the diet, the leg pain disappeared completely, and blood sugar level normalized, allowing discontinuation of insulin. Today he feels good and is on a diet with low glycemic indexes.

Example 2 .To illustrate the situation, we present a patient with diabetes and severe coronary heart disease, who in coronarography had one critically narrowed coronary artery to 95% and the other to 90%. After he walked several meters the cyanosis occurred, he felt severe retrosternal pain and breathlessness, which did not stop after Nitroglycerin. He did not consent to by-passes and applied the vegetable- fruit diet for six weeks. He repeated it twice a year. He introduced a regular one day a week on the vegetable- fruit diet. He changed his diet: stopped using sugar, flour, starch, ate lots of vegetables and fruits. Now, he has been healthy and fit for eight years, all test results are normal. He could return to work.

Among patients with metabolic syndrome X, already in the first week of applying the diet, we observed a normalization of blood pressure in more than 70% of patients with hypertension and a normalization of glucose levels in more than 80% of patients with type II diabetes. They were mainly patients who were overweight. The weight loss averaged 4 kg within 2 weeks of the diet, 8 kg during the 4 weeks of the diet and approximately 14 kg after 6 weeks of the diet.

In patients with coronary heart disease, the high cholesterol was normalized after six weeks of the diet (251 à 192 mg / dl) and low cholesterol “good” HDL cholesterol increased at that time by 32%, reaching the normal range.

In some patients, especially those with diseases in immunology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, neurology, some of the remains of the undigested food proteins can pass through the leaky gut barrier (so-called leaky gut) into the bloodstream, where they stimulate the production of antibodies (IgG). They are the so called food intolerances. Identification of such foods can be carried out with the use of a test for food intolerances (Food Detective).

A similarity between the undigested dietary proteins and the body’s own proteins can lead to autoimmunity, i.e. the destruction by antibodies one’s own tissues; it happens in case of thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s), liver (autoimmune hepatitis), arthritis (rheumatoid rheumatism), muscles, etc. Identification and exclusion of these foods from the diet was crucial in our experience; it was a breakthrough in the treatment of many chronic and even incurable diseases.

To illustrate the above, we present some cases of autoimmune disease in which the exclusion of intolerable foods (on the basis of the test for food intolerance) and applying the vegetable- fruit diet restored health.

Example 3.  A fifteen years old boy was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. The boy had pain and effusion in the knee joints and with the absence of treatment effects was qualified to a wheelchair. He did not accept the disability and looked for other methods of treatment. For six weeks he applied the vegetable – fruit diet; he began to eat healthily, stopped eating sweets, pizza. All symptoms subsided. For 13 years, he felt well, he returned, periodically to the vegetable- fruit diet. He decided that he was completely healed, so he returned to the old style of food such as dough, pizza, meat. Unfortunately, the disease returned, the pain, swelling and stiffness were back. He had to use crutches again. We recommended the vegetable diet – fruit and a test for food intolerances. Test showed intolerance to gluten, rye and yeast. After applying the vegetable – fruit diet for a few weeks end the exclusion of the intolerable foods, the pain subsided. Today, he is 30 years old, feels good, observes a healthy diet, and is fully fit.

Example 4. A woman aged 38 was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis three years ago. Since then, paralysis of limbs and paralysis of sphincters continued. S he could only move her arm to the chest. Her speech center was also paralyzed, she could not utter a single word, she mumbled. She was completely helpless; she was in a wheelchair. All kinds of treatment were ineffective. The vegetable- fruit diet did not bring the expected results. We recommended a test for food intolerances, which showed intolerance to gluten, yeast, and intolerance of most vegetables. We understood that this intolerance was the cause of the absence of effects of the vegetable – fruit. It was necessary to eliminate the foods which the body couldn’t tolerate. She took periodic water fasting and started to gradually add the vegetables which were tolerated. After 2 months a gradual improvement could be noticed: limb paralysis subsided, impaired balance retreated, nystagmus and speech problems disappeared. Also, the CT examination of the brain was much better. Also, the level of the prolactin hormone normalized, which caused the disappearance of the cyst in the breast. Now, two years passed, she is fine was able to return to work, drives a car, observes the diet, and often repeats the vegetable- fruit diet treatment.

Example 5. A nun at the age of 37 i.e. 10 years ago, suffered from paralysis of the left hand arm and leg. With a crutch she could only drag her still leg and her left arm hanged paralyzed. When she applied the vegetable- fruit diet after 2.5 months, gradually, the mobility of the paralyzed leg and hand began to return. However, the fingers of her left hand remained motionless. After another 1.5 months of the diet she could reject the crutches and started to walk freely. Muscular atrophy of the shoulder and arms retreated, back pain also subsided; previously she could not even turn in her bed. The cause of the paralysis was the carotid and vertebral artery thrombosis. Ultrasonography performed after the diet showed restoring of arterial patency. Carotid artery still remained blocked, and the left hand was motionless. We recommended a test for food intolerances, which demonstrated intolerance to gluten. The exclusion of gluten from the diet, and frequent repetition of the vegetable- fruit diet treatments restored the mobility of the left hand fingers. The diet also proved an effective method of treatment of other ailments, like: obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, fibroids disappeared, the vision improved from 3 A to 0, 75 diopters. The patient often applies the vegetable- fruit diet treatment and is on a gluten-free diet.

Example 6 A thirteen years old girl suffered from pain and muscle weakness of legs for three months. She could not get up from a sitting or kneeling position, or climb the stairs. A blood test showed that the necrosis of muscle enzymes were eight times higher the standard, which indicated an autoimmune muscle inflammation. The test for food intolerance confirmed gluten, milk, eggs, carrots and citrus intolerance. An attempt of three weeks of vegetable – fruit diet treatment was made, and the not tolerated fruits and vegetables were excluded; then an elimination diet was introduced. Already after the vegetable – fruit diet was applied a dramatic improvement could be observed. Full efficiency of the leg muscles returned, and all muscle necrosis enzymes normalized. Today, it’s been two years of her observing the vegetable – fruit diet eliminating the intolerable foods; and she  often has multi-day vegetable- fruit diet treatments. She is healthy and fit.

Example 7. A 54 years old patient with hypothyroidism and thyroid atrophy in the autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto disease). She had high values ​​of thyroid antibodies about 1300 for 7 years. She also had the “dry eye „syndrome, which was a result of autoimmune lacrimal gland inflammation. For 4 years she had left-hand weakness because of tick-borne encephalitis (Lyme disease). She moved in a wheelchair. She also suffered from severe pain in the heart, she had two heart attacks, had high blood pressure, which came to 240/160, high cholesterol of 400 mg / dl, frequent infections, bronchitis and kidney disease, kidney stones, and  strong back pains. She was hospitalized 60 times, 30 times in the intensive care unit. She accidentally learned about the vegetable- fruit diet, and she immediately applied it. Within half a year, she conducted four six -week courses of the dietary treatments, taking a three- week break after each treatment.

Already after 6 weeks of the diet thyroid antibodies disappeared, and the thyroid, which was in the decay started to regenerate. After further treatments the left-hand weakness receded; she could now walk, dance, ride a bike. The scars on the skin after nine operations have become thin and almost invisible. The scars after myocardial infarction, which were traced in the previous study ECG, disappeared. She no longer had heart pain or shortness of breath. The syndrome of “dry eye” disappeared; she now has tears, doesn’t have any infection or nephrolithiasis, her eyesight improved by 4.5 diopters. The patient regained full health, doesn’t take any drugs, frequently returns to the vegetable- fruit diet treatment. She follows the elimination diet, the test showed a strong intolerance to gluten and milk. The observation has lasted for 4 years.

The vegetable- fruit diet thanks to the richness of minerals has alkalizing effect in contrast to the contemporary style of eating, which is mainly based on acidifying foods, namely refined foods and animal products. Since acidification is associated with osteoporosis, so a diet based on fruits and vegetables is beneficial in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. Acidification of blood is also associated with a tendency of blood cells to glue together, or their rouleau formation, which hinders the oxygenation of tissue by cells that carry oxygen. Hypoxia is associated with the development of degeneration, carcinogenesis, and hyperplasia of blood cancer. Therefore, the vegetable- fruit diet, alkalizing prevents the rouleau formation of blood cells, improving the oxygenation of the body and is a method of prevention of degenerative diseases and cancer.

Example 8 In our patient who mainly ate meat, had a sallow complexion, and constantly felt tired, we noticed that her cells, viewed under the microscope with dark field of vision, were stuck together (Fig. 1). The vegetable- fruit diet was applied. After two weeks of the diet the blood picture normalized; the strength returned and her complexion improved.

Ryc. 1. Obraz żywej kropli krwi  widzianej w mikroskopie z ciemnym polem widzenia. Widoczne rulony z krwinek przed dietą i prawidłowy obraz krwi po dwóch tygodniach diety

Picture of living drop of blood as seen under the microscope with dark field of view.Visible blood rolls from the diet and normal blood picture after two weeks of the diet.

What next after the diet? After the vegetable- fruit diet, it is recommended to include a wholesome diet, based on natural, purified, mainly plant foods and to introduce a habit of regular fasting based on vegetables and fruits, 1 – 2 days per week, or one week of the diet a month. Gymnastics and physical activity support the treatment. Thanks to such a lifestyle the results of the treatment are sustained and relapses of the disease are prevented. The secret of health and longevity lies in maintaining the purity of the inner body. Returning to the old bad lifestyle causes the recurrence of the disease and the need to return to drugs.

Ewa Dąbrowska, MD, PhD with Kinga Wiśniewska–Roszkowska, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, the doyenne of Polish physicians specializing in medical fasting treatments

Warning! The author is not liable for any complications arising from the use of the vegetable- fruit diet without medical supervision.